The Muscle Angel

Dogs, Cats and Horses
Get Relief from Muscle Pain – Fast!

Muscle Angels® Acussager™: Pet Tested. Veterinarian Approved.

Think of Muscle Angels® massagers as an all-in-one pet therapy that can be used to prevent muscle soreness in healthy, active pets, or as a rehabilitative tool for older or injured pets.

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Muscle Angels® patented design combines trigger point, acupressure and deep tissue massage techniques, making it the perfect tool for any pet who suffers from muscle pain from excessive activity, as well as from injury, referred pain from arthritis, or other illnesses.

Pet Massage helps reduce stress and anxiety, and increases flexibility, mobility and comfort. And, using Muscle Angels® can help deepen the bond between veterinarians, rehabilitation specialists, owners, and pets, making play-time, more fun than ever.

Preventative. Therapeutic. Rehabilitative.

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