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Medical Professionals & Massage Therapists

“I sit at a computer – all day long! As a result, I often feel a "kink" in the muscles between my shoulder blades. When I heard about Muscle Angels massagers, I knew that, not only should we offer this product to our readership (I work for a massage magazine!!!), but I wanted to get my hands on the product for myself! I found it most effective to use this tool on while lying on it on the floor, or even in bed, and rocking/rolling back and forth with my full body weight. I also love using my Muscle Angel on my sore, tired feet...it's like having my very own "reflexologist" right at my disposal! Mmmmmmmm....I love my Muscle Angel!”

T. Farber, MASSAGE Magazine

"Wow! I just tried the Muscle Angel on my patients, and they loved it. I used it as a tool for Trigger Point release in the supraspinatus area – and then, demoed it to my patients for Self-Trigger Point Release in same area. They left with no pain – and with full motion! Thanks again, and I think you will more customers soon, as I gave them your brochure and they will be ordering product from your website. Have a great rest of the week."

J. Hill, DPT, MA, CSCS, CaroMont Rehab and Sports Medicine

"As a surgeon, violinist and marathon runner, "something"" always hurts! The Muscle Angel is so versatile and convenient, I can relieve those knots when they creep up, before they become a big problem! It also has greatly helped my plantar fasciitis and hamstrings. Being injury-free improves my posture, my sense of well-being, and my mood! Even my Labrador retriever loves the Muscle Angel when we give him his evening tummy rub. Thanks for creating and sharing such a great product."

Terry B, MD

"My Muscle Angel is absolutely wonderful!!!! It's my new best friend! My upper arm is especially grateful -- after shoveling all the snow we've been getting this year! Seriously, this product is absolutely amazing. After using it, my back loosens up and does that "self readjustment" thing -- you know, they way it does after a chiropractor appointment...? Also, I found the information that came with the product (and the website videos) very helpful. I have already showed it to all my friends and colleagues! Thanks again!"

H. Petruzzo, RDH

"Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca gave us a Muscle Angel and it is very simple and works really well in getting those "knots" [out of] our shoulders and backs!!!"


"I just wanted you to know that I love my Muscle Angel! I started with it for my plantar fasciitis and then of course used it all along my back. It was so addicting and got every knot out (some that I didn’t even realize I had)!!! I keep it right by my bed…thanks so much for this fabulous gift."

S. Purdy, Occupational Therapy Manager, MA

"I was diagnosed with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy in 2007. The disease has progressed to a point where I am only able to walk a few steps a day (with assistance); the rest of the time is spent sitting in a wheelchair. As a result, I suffer from terrible muscle spasms and knots. I have been able to relieve some of the knots on my upper back with the pointed end, as well as a technique I like to call – "Rub-'N-Roll" – on the rounded Nubbin-Fingers®! While I still get spasms, I am so grateful that the Muscle Angel® has been able to make a difference on the tight knots (which seem to appear after a period of deep muscle spasms). This relief has been a godsend for me! I truly appreciate all the hard work you have put into this product. It is so difficult to find even a small amount of relief with just exercise and medication, so it's great to have another alternative."

N. Duffy, NJ

"I wanted you to know that I just sold 2 more Muscle Angels®. My patients with longterm myofascial issues quickly see the value in this well designed self help tool. It sells itself after I give patients a quick demo on how it works as an adjunct to what I do. As a 55 year old Physical Therapist, with many aches and pains; I am finding myself reaching for my muscle angel whenever I can take a quick break! These are going to sell really well! I'm so glad I answered your Product Announcement email!

A. Ingrid, Ingrid Physical Therapy, MA

"I am an OB-GYN and suffer from repetitive stress injuries from performing surgery and deliveries. The worst pain is in my shoulder, and after 3 years of searching for a massage product to help ease the discomfort, I finally found a product that works. I've been using my Muscle Angel® whenever my shoulder acts up. It's so wonderful to be able to get deep pressure – exactly where I need it (and, without having to rely on someone else). I will be bringing my Muscle Angel® to the office, so I can get relief whenever I need it."

R. Kline, MD

“Finally, there is an effective product for minimizing muscle pain and tension.
If you, or your patients, suffer from chronic hand, arm, head, neck and/or shoulder pain, the Original Muscle Angel® can help!”

K. Belinsky, MS, OTR/L – Tufts University
Performing Arts Occupational Therapy, Brookline, MA

"I have researched many different portable massage products in order to alleviate muscle pain that comes from my line of work. I am a dentist and after a long day at work, my back, shoulders and neck are sore. One of my colleagues recommended "Muscle Angels®" – and I’ve been using it ever since! Sometimes I even take it with me to work to help alleviate the pain in between patients (the Stability Sleeve is great for easy-use in the office). Without much effort, the Muscle Angel® gets deep into those pressure points that have knots. The Muscle Angels is the best product I have tried; I really recommend it to all those dentists and hygienists who have upper back, neck and shoulder pain."

B. Reboucas, D.D.S., D.Sc., MA

“I received the Muscle Angel Massager® and used it that night. I have had back pain for years due to positioning at work. Last year I began to get numbness and went for therapy again. The therapist was able to relieve most of the pain, but she informed me that the numbness would not disappear. It was being caused by the muscle impinging on the nerve endings. After using the Muscle Angel Massager® that night, I received relief from the pain and noticed that the numbness had decreased! I have been a dental hygienist for forty two years and am looking forward to getting relief from my positional pain with the massager. Thank you.”

P. Karlins, Dental Hygienist, CT

“Muscle Angel Massagers® are perfect for reducing my clients' chronic muscle pain. They are easy-to-use and very versatile. I'd recommend the Original Muscle Angel® to anyone who wants to supplement massage treatments, reduce tightness and tension, and get results – Fast.”

T. Hopkins, Massage Therapist, VT


Whitney Jensen, Company Dancer with the Boston Ballet is very enthusiastic about her Muscle Angels® massager. “I spend eight hours a day in dance classes and rehearsals. The muscle soreness and pain that comes from that level of physical activity is just part of a professional dancer’s life. My Muscle Angels® massager really helps to work out the tight muscle knots. I have to guard it carefully though, as my fellow colleagues have been known to steal it from my dance bag!”

Whitney Jensen, gold medal winning dancer, and second soloist with the Boston Ballet Company. May 2011

Boston Ballet Company dancer, Kelsey Hellebuyck, purchased two Muscle Angels® so that she could work multiple areas, or both sides of her body, simultaneously. “I find it addicting, but it is a great habit to get into to assist with recovery from a long day of dancing”

Kelsey Hellebuyck, corps de ballet member with the Boston Ballet Company, May 2011


“I must have stepped wrong on my left foot on Friday and it’s been hurting ever since. So, I got out my Muscle Angel and began slowly rolling my foot over the bumpy round section. I rolled back and forth gently for about 20 minutes and "viola" -- I couldn't believe it, my foot feels so much better; now, I can walk on it without pain! I am now leaving it under my desk while I work, just in case my foot hurts again, I can stimulate the muscles and and make it feel "happy" again!”

A. Potts, Water Aerobics Instructor

“The Original Muscle Angel® is the best tool for loosening my tight muscles. I find it especially effective on my piriformis and hamstring muscles, however, if you are creative, you'll find that you can use the Muscle Angel® on every part of your body (the self-activating release technique makes it easy to get fast results). I hope the Muscle Angel® will let you continue to enjoy your favorite sport!”

Jacqueline Gareau, Winner Boston Marathon (1980), Massage Therapist and Lecturer

“Muscle Angel Massagers® provide a great solution for both competitive athletes and weekend warriors. After racing in 15 marathons, I am convinced that every runner should keep a Muscle Angel® in his/her gym bag!”

S. Piergentili, Ranked 2nd in the Women’s Masters and 17th overall female
Chicago Marathon, 2005

"I love my Muscle Angel. I have a new use for it: I am able to position it so that I could sit comfortably on a long flight which was critical to my surviving the flight to and from NY for last weekend's NY Marathon! In fact, after the race, I was busy showing other runners at the airport gate how to use a Muscle Angel to reduce muscle aches and pains (I kept it out while I was going through security)! It looks like continued good fortune is heading your way!"

R. Nagle, Attorney and Marathon Runner, AZ

"I met you at the Boston Marathon Expo this past year. I just love my Muscle Angel and keep it in my briefcase when I go to work at my college. It is my constant companion; you have designed a very unique product. I use the Muscle Angel on a daily basis, as it helps me relax! Typically, I use it in the morning to "iron out "the night time kinks" and to prevent any spasms during my daily run. This year will be my 18th Boston Marathon in a row and I attribute some of the credit to your wonderful "Muscle Angel". Thank you for developing such a great invention!"

Robert B. Niedbala, Professor of Physics, College Historian

"During the past couple of weeks, I have been using my Muscle Angel®, and I really like it! My fiancé (also a personal trainer) has an old pelvis/spinal injury that sometimes creeps back and makes him very stiff and sore in the lower lumbar area. He used the Muscle Angel® to relieve some of the muscle tension, and it helped; he spent time lying on the floor of our apartment with the Angel under various places in his lower back. So that’s a bit of progress in the training world! I think the more people have an opportunity to use the Muscle Angel®, the more fans it will gain."

J. Nebesar, AAPT, CPT

“I just wanted to let you know that your Muscle Angel® was a lifesaver today! I am training for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Country Music Half-Marathon in Nashville. Usually, I don’t have pain, but lately, my hamstrings have been very tight. …I have to tell you that your Muscle Angel is really perfectly designed! I was using it tonight, while I was watching TV. The end is perfect for specific knots and the Nubbin-fingers® are great because they grip the muscle and keep the product from slipping. I was able to sit my hamstrings on top of the Muscle Angel(t,) and roll back and forth. The Muscle Angel has relieved A LOT of that tightness!”

L. Porcelli, Half-Marathon Runner, NY


“After a long day of orchestra rehearsals and teaching, I trust my Muscle Angel to bring my sore muscles back to life! My back and neck often feel knotted and, within minutes, my Muscle Angel gives me natural relief from the tightness. I've been recommending Muscle Angels® to everyone in the orchestra!”

C. Hanulik, Principal Bass, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

“I just received my Muscle Angel and LOVE it. I was amazed at how well it worked on my neck and shoulders, which are always sore from long orchestra rehearsals. Plus, it's great to be able to help reduce my muscle pain without the need to rely on someone else!”

K. Conant, Principal Viola, Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra

“I just received my Muscle Angel®, and so far – I like it! The Muscle Angel has helped alleviate the soreness and fatigue in my arms and hands from playing the violin. My muscles felt so much better after using the product and I had more range of motion and flexibility – probably due to the increased blood flow to the tight muscles. I am planning on taking it to work to show to my orchestra colleagues – especially now that we are playing opera music, as it is very physically demanding. Congratulations on your successful product debut; I am looking forward to getting continued relief from my Muscle Angel®

T. Hanulik, Violinist, Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Business People

"I bought my Muscle Angel two years ago because of chronic headaches and neck pain. I use the Angel to massage my neck and head muscles, and its unique design helps me to target and release the small muscles in my head, neck, and shoulders. I have tried many massage tools before, and this is the only one I have found designed to target smaller muscles. It really works!"

Deborah B., Non-Profit Vice President

“Last night, my lower back tightened up and as I drove home, I was trying to think of a way to feel better and remembered that my wife had been given a Muscle Angel®. So, I decided to find out if the thing really works. First I stood straight against against the wall and for about 5 minutes, using the hard nub at the tip; it helped go deep into the muscle tissue that was bothering me. Feeling some relief, I decided to sit on the couch (to watch a movie) and use the nubbins to roll up and down my legs and lower back. While the pain did not go away completely, I was comfortable enough to get a good night's sleep – something I did not think was going to happen before using the Muscle Angel®. This morning, I woke up and my back is barely bothering me at all. Next week, my family and I are going on vacation in Florida. I know we will be doing hours of shell collecting and I am seriously considering packing our muscle angle for the trip! Seriously it provided great relief; thanks!”

Scott R., Business Executive

"The Muscle Angel is pretty cool. I think it is a good design. It is really solid. I am using it after skiing on my legs and feet and my wife likes it for the knots in her neck. I especially like the hard tip – it lets you really poke the thigh muscles. Nice job on the design; I can't really think of any improvements!"

M. O'Brien, Business Professional

“I am a violinist and a researcher who spends many hours every day hunched over microscopes and computers. As a result, I suffer from a lot of shoulder and neck tension. I have seen physical therapists for treatment, but have never really conquered my problem. Before I got my Muscle Angel®, my boyfriend would massage my shoulders. However, after using the Muscle Angel®, I was surprised that, almost instantly, my shoulder muscles started to loosen up! Even my boyfriend tried the Muscle Angel® and has become a bit jealous, as he is worried that he may have lost his spot as my favorite "tension reliever”.

J. Smythe, violinist and physicist

“I just want to let you know what an absolute 'pain saver' my Muscle Angel® is. I have chronic knots across my shoulders and along my shoulder blades. Before I bought The Original Muscle Angel®, I would try to work the knots out on the edge of a wall, or wait until a family member was available to give me a massage. Now, all I have to do is grab my Angel and I get instant relief – without the need for assistance from anyone! Thank you SO much. I am telling all my friends about this product.”

S. Vollenweider, Founding Partner, The “A-List Ladies”, Bridgeport CT

“I want to thank you for the Muscle Angel. I love to keep it at my desk and rub my head with the nubbin-fingers. I am looking forward to exploring other ways to get relief (the new Training Videos should be a big help). My migraines did not disappear completely, but the Muscle Angel definitely provided some relief!”

A. T., Massachusetts

Pet Owners and Rehabilitation Experts

"I have had the opportunity to use Muscle Angels for Pets on both my canine and equine patients. I LOVE the product for the equines; I can get in deeper then with my elbow or fingers, and it's great to assist with pelvic tilts. The textured round area was great for the larger fleshy muscles. I felt that the dogs responded better with just my hands manipulating the muscles, but I will keep trying it with other patients. In the meantime, I'd like to recommend the Muscle Angels product to some of my equine customers; it's a great tool to use between therapy sessions."

Jodie Caldwell, Certified Canine Massage Therapist (CCMT) and Certified Equine Massage Therapist (CEMT)

"In my practice, we see a large population of animals suffering from arthritic conditions. The simple design of the Muscle Angel Massager is brilliant. With it, I am able to more effectively perform effleurage and petrissage, as well as trigger point release, acupressure, myofascial work, cross friction massage, in addition to a variety of other techniques.

I continue to be amazed at how quickly my canine patients relax when I use the Muscle Angel® on their sore or tight muscles; they close their eyes, sigh, and melt under its touch.

Using Muscle Angels® is easy and gives owners the confidence they need to help their pets feel better -- even if they have no prior massage experience.

As a result, with regard to completing physical therapy and massage exercises at home, I have found another unexpected benefit -- owner compliance increases, as they feel comfortable using the Muscle Angels® device, and are thrilled by the positive, and immediate, impact it has on their pets.

Finally, after years of performing manual therapy on my patients (humans and animals), my own hands are now suffering from pain and weakness. The Muscle Angels® massager allows me to perform effective therapeutic techniques on my pet patients while preserving my own musculoskeletal system. It’s a win – win!"

Chris Cranston, MPT, CCRP, FlowDog.com

"MuscleAngels® for Pets is a wonderful tool that benefits both the rehabilitation practitioners and their patients. As a therapeutic device used during treatment, Muscle Angels® help pets increase circulation, range of motion, and mobility – and, it's easy to teach owners how to use the massaging device between sessions. Plus, Muscle Angels® help the practitioners with their own body mechanics – reducing muscle pain from over-use!"

Deborah Gross Saunders, DPT, MSPT, OCS, CCRP, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

"I knew that MuscleAngels® were designed to help reduce muscle pain in people, but frankly, I was a bit dubious about its affect on Pets – until I tried it on my cat,"Wednesday". Wow, was I surprised. The minute I began stroking her fur with the tip and nubbin-fingers, Wednesday began to PURR. She cuddled up in my lap, nudging the MuscleAngel® with her nose, asking for MORE! I never realized the healing power of Pet Massage; now, we're closer than ever!"

J. DeMasi, Cat Owner

"Lucy is a healthy and active, one year old, Chocolate Lab. She is quite fond of being massaged with her Muscle Angel®. In fact, the other day, she looked over at the MuscleAngel® (which was high up on a shelf), and "asked" for a massage with her longing eyes! Lucy loves when I make little circles and long strokes with the tip of the MuscleAngel® on her neck, hind legs, back – and belly. What a happy dog!"

P. Gebhardt, MD